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Monday, December 19, 2005

Lights on the ceiling

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Blogs Are Priceless, Spread The Love

My blog is worth $772,850.04.
How much is your blog worth?

What is with us putting a price to almost everything and now even blogs have a price. I don't care how much my blog is worth because to me it is PRICELESS. I'll still love it even if it's a zero dollar worth to you!

Spread the love!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Feedback E-mail to

I got a few minutes to spare and I sent these to
Check out the site!

Feedback to HMG admin:

"Hi there,

I got to know your site from a guy friend of mine. Here I am.

I apologise if this is a tad too lengthy for reads.. nevertheless here're my 2 cent's worth.

1) Navigation. It is confusing.
Suggestions: think wider than 800 x 600. make 3 rows... left sidebar for general information links. right side bar for thumbnails of those hot chicks.

Maybe the thumbnails could be scripted in the order of most popular or last being voted. Meaning say if 'A' was 1st pic, 'A' will drop to 2nd if 'G' were to be the voted the latest by a visitor hence making 'G' top of the list.

Middle page is your content. They navigate left or right, center appears.

2) Outlook! I know you advertise your site and this site is run by a bunch of good friends working together to build a fun and informative site promoting malay beauty but please, design your interface and outlook that could make people WANT to come again.

Kubrick's template is classic but I think we need to tell the world here that Malay's are original and classy at the same time.

Do not place the previous next entry links as you have separate issues to discuss abt, tips, articles and girls. So just direct links will be good.

Advertisements by Google.
Please do not be another site who looks desperate for cashflow. let your ads be at the sides and up to the visitors to decide whether they want to support. As long as it does not interfere with one's reading. Like now, as it is placed, after a title and it is very annoying. You can make your ads look according to your style sheet and blend just like another link.

Trust me, your ideas are great and if it works well for you, people will donate some bucks to you to show appreciation.

3) have your disclaimer link at the common areas either header or footer for easy recognition from viewers.

4) open a paypal account for donations just in case, you'll never know.

5) have a guideline for your girls' age. Make it known. So that people like me and all the others who are kepoh and vocal, will ask lesser questions with regards to selection integrity.

suggestion: have categories.
above 18 is a good guide start. do not take minors ie. 17 and below. you'll be in trouble if they do something funny or unlawful.

above 45...

then people will have a better idea of how beautiful our malay society is, be it young or old.

I support your good gesture and brilliant idea tha you have promoting indirectly our malay beauties & community.

All the best! and upgrade fast! eerything said above is as simple as candy!

From the hottempermalaygirl,
Saila Eliza Ahmed"

Let's see what they can do!

Cars, Milk & Blowjobs

Top-up in order to be tip-top

I am not an avid follower of the current times except for the classifieds section where I love to scrutinise the current market rates of selling and buying of cars and businesses people are trading off.

I have been driving rented/ friends'/ relatives'/ testdrive cars for almost 4 years now and I still have not gotten a car that I could call my own. Owning a car was so high-maintenance and it still is but on a totally although not vastly different scale.

It used to be like:

Car: Expensive
COE: Intolerable
Petrol: Tolerable
So I chose not to get a car right after I passed my driving license because of cars beig expensive.

Now it is like this:

Car: NOT-SO Expensive
COE: Unpredictable
Petrol: Unacceptable

So how can I still purchase a car? Singapore is a very opportunistic country don't you think? As seen from my stats above, the reason why cars are cheaper is because they have to entice people to buy petrol. The reason why petrols were cheaper before was because they want people to buy cars.

Now look, even an acquaintance of mine who earns a pathetic SGD $1700/mth owns a car. 10 year loan, no problem. Low downpayment, no problem. Cheaper body parts across the border, better still. But why?

For those who barely bring home (after deduction of CPF) SGD $2500/mth, and that's a basic minimum, I say, should not even dream of buying a car. Do not be fooled by the low instalments and SGD$2 downpayment the agents are trying to bait you with, these are marketing ploys that will make you suffer in the long run.

Cars in Singapore are not cheap. SGD $75,000++ for a 7-seater is NOT CHEAP! SGD $45,000 for a sedan is not cheap either. SGD $700/mth of instalment is not cheap! No! No! No! These are fucking daylight robberies, my friend!

When you own a car, you've got to have cashflow at hand for standby or in any common cases, for monthly maintenance.

Rough lower than average calculations for a month of maintenance, below:-

Instalment: 700
Petrol (to & fro to work and weekend drives): 200
Season indoor parking: 90
Workplace parking: 50
Parking Coupons: 20
ERP (working office hours in ERP chargeable areas): 100

cash you've got to fork out every month: 1160
Simply put it at SGD $1200. What if you live above Ang Mo Kio and have to take CTE to work every morning at 8 am? Do you have any idea how much the ERP could cost you? That does not include the yearly insurance, road tax, and choy, the expenses for minor accidents that you would rather pay for than claim from the insurance company.

I am not condemning those who own a car (or more) who can really boast that a hundred bucks is like half an hour's pay but I am condemning those idiots who would bring home merely SGD$2500 or worse, lesser than that and actually struggling with monthly expenses.

"I am having a salary range of SGD$3,500 to SGD$4,000, depending on how good I suck my boss' small dick and as much as how I wanted to buy a car, I just couldn't bring myself the courage to do so. Simply because I am afraid. I am afraid of spending my hard earned money on something that I do not have peace with. I am afraid of my own future especially in this unstable economical status."
I have a small family but I am the eldest and I take responsibility to contribute for my family of four, despite both of my parents still working their asses off just to survive day by day with some savings and of course to be ready when that fear becomes a terrible reality nightmare.

I might get married one day, I don't know when, and I do not want to get married feeling stormed and stressed with marriage bills instead I want to tell my groom how lucky he is not to worry for me because I am financially steady and everything ready.
I believe in savings. The saying is true..."a dollar a day means 365 dollars a year!"

I have bills of my own. Insurance, mobile, broadband, utilities and separate love contributions to Mum, Dad and lil' Sis.

"I do not want to be like many of you who loves to parade your lives to others when in actual fact, you rather feed petrol to your cars than buy milk for your babies. You rather travel to Johor Bahru across the border to top up your cheaper than here petrol than meet up with a friend a few streets away. You rather waste your 'dough' on unnecessary add-ons and engine tweaks rather than treat your good old buddies a couple round of drinks. You say a $4 chicken rice is expensive but a $250,000 pigeon hole ie. your small prison flat, is cheap!"
Fuck all of your shallow, showing-off, wallet-suicidal, moronic brains who think that from Teban Gardens to Ang Mo Kio is far. Singapore is a small teeny weeny island that has all the public means for us to commute from places to places, although transport fares are getting outrageous these few years. All you need is to learn from me.

Suck your boss' or bosses' dick(s) and you'll definitely see your brighter future! Excuse me for I need to get back to work. A time for some jaw exercise... Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 12, 2005

Banks are desperate

The bank can kiss my a$$ goodbye

How many credit cards can one own? I myself am currently holding a few, the DBS Black card and ladies', citibank classic visa and mastercard and an Standard Chartered Gold card.

Let me tell you frankly, I am not a big earner and I definitely cannot qualify for a platinum or even gold status. But surprise, surprise, I have the black and gold card and the DBS' ladies card serves with platinum privilidges some more, you know!

And you know what? I have only transacted once on those cards just to activate on the account and have a chance to win their lucky draw. Yeah right, as if I could be that lucky! hahaha... but the rest of the times I just prefer to pay by cash. I hate seeing bills and I can't bear to pay everything in one lump sum every end of the month. Furthermore those cards are apart from the cheque books and credit line accounts that I have that came along with them.

So why are those banks willing to bring down their cards' value just to get customers? I was approached by their agents on the streets almost everyday and everyday they seem to have a unique pick up line, or worse, the same guys approach me every other day.

Ok look! It's either I do not catch your attention the first time round or you are just blind. How can you not recognise a person you've approached before!?? especially somebody as sexy and prominent as me!! haha..

To the banks, money can't buy integrity of one's thrift and if you think you can make me use those cards, forget it. I am more concerned about making myself more noticeable to your guys selling credit cards on the streets... Now where is that super short skirt I just got off from pasar malam yesterday? hmmm... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I Hate Shopping

There is sunrise in every toilet

For a woman, I dread shopping! I hate shopping! I detest shopping! I hate shopping!!! Shopping sucks!!!

"I hate shopping because
things should come free!!!"

Let them shop, I am staying here minding and doing my own business... Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 09, 2005

One Night In Esplanade

Not everything is beer in a Tiger

I was walking, alone after work along esplanade, enjoying the gentle breeze of humid little Singapore when a not so young man, looking italian to me with his weird accent, came up to me from behind and pantingly, like he just did a sprint or something, and said these;

"Hi there, I just came to Singapore and I thought you could show me around, you know... uhh.. like .. uhh.. show me around the interesting places, you know..."

Bummed me just gave him a weird look, well at least I think it's weird with my mouth gapped and my brows frowned and breeze kept blowing my fringe to my nose, and I asked him back,

"Excuse me?... Do I look like a tour guide to you??" I thought I wanted to say something like, hello... that pick-up line is so way goneeee! but I figured that would make me look like an idiot in case he wasn't really picking me out so I decided to do it the 'melayu' kinda style instead.

And you know what? He answered.

"Yesss.. yes.. like a tour guide!"

Oh my freaking lord of the rings! He answered. Well he looked kind of cute with his 'don't-know-what-to-say attitude but he kind of gave me a funny feeling like me looking at a father figure or something.

But then, boring me ended the conversation and just told him this,

"Hello Mr I don't know who from I don't know where, I am not a tour guide and I do not wish to pick up the skills of a tour guide just because you wanted me to tour you around here, understand?" God, I sounded like a military officer.

The next thing I did was...

"... here take my classifieds section of today's Straits Times and try calling some numbers for help. If you wish to make a call, phone booths can be found right there," as I pointed out to the back where the booths are.

"ok now Miss Information Counter is going to continue my walk, thank you and enjoy your visit here in our wonderful country, Singapore."

Believe me, he had got nothing else to say and I just carried on walking after giving him a big, wide smile. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Kinky Kitty Update

"Prrrrrrr...," says this pussy

It's been quite like a century long since I've made any updates. Work is so filling up my time that I've forgotten about this account until recently. hmmmm...

This place looks like a ghost town just out from the grave. Made a total makeover of this place, changed it's name and I've deleted most of my old depressing entries and only left what you see in the archives. I just wanna forget abt the past, forget abt being stupid and foolish and dependant and sad.

This is the new me! Hope you like it, whoever you are... Now its about time to fill up this space with some juice. juice??? Ooohhh... Sounds Kinky

Shooooh ghost town! Time to get kinky... *winks* Posted by Picasa